Bead Shops

Bead ShopsBefore the internet the only place to buy beads was a bead shop. Whether you were looking for beads or bead jewellery, the bead shop was the only real choice for bead enthusiasts. However, things changed with the internet and today we have a much wider choice of beads for our necklaces, bracelets or crafts. The internet bead shops have not only increased choice but also made beads much more affordable.

Online bead shops are websites that sell all beads for crafting or pre-made bead jewellery. Since these online bead shops have far lower overheads than high street shops they are often able to sell their beads and bracelets at far lower prices, meaning you save money!

Not only are online bead shops able to offer better value than their high street counterparts but they also deliver directly to your front door, meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the beads you want.

As with buying anything online it is important to take a little care to ensure you are not ripped off. Follow these simple guidelines to avoid such a scenario…

Firstly always check out a range of bead shops. You should look for sites that demonstrate the company is reputable, customer testimonials for example. If you wish there is nothing stopping you contacting the shop owner and asking for such testimonials, reputable sites will be happy to do this.

It is also worth making a small purchase initially to determine whether the company is reputable. Before making a large purchase make several smaller ones and determine whether the company delivers on their promises. This also allows you to check out the quality of the beads too, without committing too much financially.

It is a fair criticism that the online shops cannot compete with the look, the feel and the smell of your local bead shop, but the cheaper beads, the direct delivery and the increased choice are benefits that are impossible to overlook.

If you enjoy making your own jewellery, or are always looking for cheap bead bracelets and necklaces to complement your wardrobe then get clicking, the future is online bead shops.

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